1. How do I download a receipt from the website?
    1. How do I download a receipt from the website?

    Please log in to your account and go to the dashboard. All of your orders should be listed under a tab named ‘Orders’ and the corresponding receipt should be connected to each of these orders. If you have any problems, please email support@soundslikeasia.com.

    2. How will I get the download link?

    Your download-link should be emailed to your email address provided to us during registration of your account. If you did not receive the email, please email us at support@soundslikeasia.com.

    3. My order did not get processed. How do I resolve this?

    Please check and make sure that you have signed up for an account and that your billing information provided is correct. If such information is not accurate, please update your billing information via the dashboard and submit your order again. If the problem persists please email us at support@soundslikeasia.com.

    4. I want to save the sound libraries to my computer. How will I be able to do so?

    Once payment is made, an email to the link to download the selected sound library will be sent to your email address provided to us during registration of your account. Once the link is clicked, a window will open in your web browser asking you to save/download the ‘zipped/compressed’ sound library file.


    1. I can’t sign in. Can you help?
    2. Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yes, you can. All you have to do is click on the ‘delete this account’ link on the ‘account options’ page – and your account will be flashed/deleted and removed. Please note that some of your data may be retained by us in accordance with the provisions of our Personal Data Protection/Privacy Notice. If you require further information about our Personal Data Protection Notice, the same is accessible at Privacy Policy.

    3. What do I do if I forget my username / password?

    Please email support@soundslikeasia.com with the subject ‘Forgot Password’ and we’ll be happy to help.

    5. Why is an account necessary?

    You will need an account to be able to place orders, access your downloads and track previous transactions.

    6. How can I create an account?

    Of course! No matter what problem you are having, someone from our team will be happy to help you. Please send an email to support@imaginex.com.

    7. Why do I need an account?

    If you are a buyer, you need an account to be able to access your downloads, track previous transactions and past-purchases. If you are a seller, you need an account to be able to list your libraries for sale, check earnings and get paid.

    8. How do I create an account?

    Click here to sign up. A valid email address is required.

    9. Do I have to pay anything to join?

    It cost nothing to create an account with Sounds Like Asia. Only pay the relevant license fee for the sound libraries you intend to download.


    1. What file formats do you offer?
    1. What file formats do you offer?

    All file formats on Sounds Like Asia are Stereo and 5.1 PCM Wave file formats. If you require other file formats, please contact us and we will happily convert them to your preferred format.

    2. Is there a refund-policy?

    Downloaded sound libraries cannot be returned, therefore we are unable to provide refunds.

    3. How can I pay the license fees?

    Payment of the relevant license fee for a particular sound library may be made by way of a credit or debit card via the iPay88 interface or such other payment gateway as may be determined by us from time to time.

    4. Will I be able to preview the sound libraries before I decide to pay?

    Yes. Just click on the’ play’ icon at the side of each of the libraries or at the top of the page. You can preview a selection of samples provided.


We try to answer all of the questions sent to us within 2 hours of receiving them. Sometimes we may be a little bit slower with our responses due to bug fixes, website updates and 1-on-1 customer support – We have a 24 hour maximum response time.